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Terms and Conditions

Nature Walk Limited undertakes all reasonable efforts to ensure you enjoy your holiday. However, please understand that whilst we take every care, there are events and circumstances that are beyond our control. Travel may involve risks that could expose you to inconvenience, loss including loss of property, injury or even death.

Customers are required to purchase appropriate travel insurance. Nature Walk Limited will not be responsible for any risks. It is the responsibility of the customers to read and understand the terms and conditions of insurance coverage, and customers shall comply to and be bound by the terms and conditions of their policies.

When you have booked tour(s), you are yourself responsible for ensuring your suitability for such tour(s). If you have any doubt, you must consult your physician and advise Nature Walk Limited accordingly.

All activities are undertaken at your own risk. Nature Walk Limited accepts no liability or obligation for any death, illness or injury or loss of or damage to baggage or personal property caused to or suffered by you in relation to your event, and any medical condition or medication being taken that may affect your health or ability must be notified to Nature Walk Limited in advance and in writing and must be accompanied by a doctor’s certificate as to fitness. You are strongly advised to obtain adequate insurance cover for all eventualities connected with your tour(s).

Customers are required to observe reasonable standards of behavior and must not threaten, assault, or intimidate other members of the tour(s). Customers must obey the reasonable directions of tourist guides or other persons in authority on any matter of safety, or in the interests of maintaining timeliness and due schedule. The interests of the group as a whole must prevail. Failure to observe reasonable and proper standards of behavior or failure to observe due care and safety requirements may result in customers being excluded from the tour(s) at any time. In the event customers are excluded, no refund will be provided. If customers are excluded, the Nature Walk Limited shall bear no further responsibility to them.

Customers are required to obey the laws of the country they are visiting, including but not limited to those relating to customs, immigration or transport. Nature Walk Limited will bear no liability or responsibility to customers of whatsoever nature in the event of a breach of law.

The actual pick-up time of the listed tour(s) from different hotel varies from place to place, and from time to time in accordance with traffic conditions. Participants will be advised when booking is made.

Tour itinerary or transportation so described is subject to change without prior notice. In the event of adverse traffic conditions, we reserve the right to alter the order of places to be visited.

Nature Walk Limited reserves the right to take photographic or video records of the tour(s), and of the participants, and to use those records for promotional and/or commercial purposes without recourse or compensation.

All participants in our tour(s) must read and sign our Declaration at the start of the tour(s). 

Payment and Cancellation Policy

All prices are in Hong Kong Dollars. Payment can be made in CASH (HK dollars only) at the departure time or by online payment.

If you make an online payment by Pay Pal, you will be charged the equivalent in Hong Kong dollars at the bank exchange rate.

It is to be understood that the online payment terms and conditions are applied to all tours and services which their payments are made with the credit card; furthermore, it is to be considered that the customer or service users, who pays with such method, agrees to all terms and conditions.

If you make the payment by cash, in order to provide tailor-made services and confirm booking, please complete the online booking form. We will require your credit card number and expiry date, this will hold your reservation and guaranteed no charge will be made on your credit card unless you cancel the booking. Please refer to our Cancellation policy below:

Cancellation policy:

If the customer, at the customer’s option, cancels the tour(s) for any reason whatsoever, the following cancellation fees will be charged to your credit card:

More than 14 days cancellation notification before the event date…No cancellation fee

14 days – 7 days cancellation notification before the event date………50% payment

Less than 7 days Cancellation notification before the event day…......100% payment

Changes of destination or dates will be regarded as cancellation although the Company will use its best endeavors to accommodate its customers.

All requests for cancellation should be in writing. Telephone request will not be accepted.

If customers quit the tour after its commencement, or fail to participate in any part or activity of the tour, then this will be regarded as cancellation of the part or activity involved and no refund will be provided.

If typhoon signal No. 3 or above, red or black rainstorm signal is being hoisted on the tour date, the tour will be cancelled without refund. If thunderstorm or yellow rainstorm signal is being hoisted or other unexpected events on the tour date, Nature Walk Limited has the final decision on the cancellation of tour without refund. All decisions are based on the safety consideration.

Nature Walk Limited will be under no obligation or liability for any cancellation, interruption, delay or alteration of or to any tour caused by act or threat of war (whether declared or not), riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, discharge dispersal release or escape of pollutants, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, sickness, accidents, bad weather, technical or transportation problems, closure of stations, ports and airports, cancellation or changes of schedules by railways, air or bus lines or any other circumstances beyond Nature Walk Limited control. Nature Walk Limited shall not be liable for any consequential loss or damage arising from the consequences of force events.

Once your booking form has been received by us, we will issue you a booking confirmation letter via email and the Contract shall be deemed to exist between you and Nature walk Limited.